September 20, 2016

Time for Your SEO Checkup

Search engine optimization, or SEO. So often misunderstood. So frequently changing. So rarely done well. And so often ailing from neglected, outdated practices or black hat tricks that now only get your pages punished. Jim Bader of Vertical Measures gives us a prognosis for improved health in our search engine marketing. Learn where Google is focusing next, whether it pays to license out your health content, and top tips for content marketing. Whether a vendor, nonprofit or provider, we all need a checkup for our SEO. Full show notes at

We must move away from understanding the value of products towards understanding the value of experiences, according to Dr. Roni Zeiger, co-founder of Smart Patients, former Google chief health strategist, and upcoming keynote speaker at SHSMD Connections. What matters is design, not just of the product, but of the experience into which the product is integrated. So how can we tell if the design is effective? What’s the chance that we’ll design right the first time? Full show note at

Is there a grain of truth in the controversial claim that digital health is the snake oil of the 21st century? How is the connected health experience changing, and how can everyone keep up? Join industry veteran John Sharp, senior manager of the Personal Connected Health Alliance, as he shares all of the considerations that go into integrating the Internet of Things, health apps, social media, genomics data and other digital health devices of today, as well as what’s coming tomorrow. See show notes at

Providers have a moral obligation to create and curate content for patients online, and the absence of clinicians on social media can have catastrophic consequences, says Dr. Farris Timimi, medical director for the Mayo Clinic Social Media Network. So how does social media impact the patient experience, what tools do you use and where is digital health headed in the next 5 or 10 years? Dr. Timimi describes the small-town mentality on Twitter, the value of transparency and how social media is not a substitute for clinical practice. Show notes at

Ahava Leibtag, president of Aha Media Group, works tirelessly to rid the world of some of the more grievous errors that are made in content marketing. If you are like the majority of health care marketers who are stuck between having too much content and not enough, this episode is for you. Learn what Ahava refers to as the Spectrum of Dysfunction, catch a preview of her upcoming presentation at Content Marketing World, then celebrate the podcast’s 50th episode! Full show notes at

Ruth Portacci, president-elect of SHSMD, knows that providers are dealing with so many issues at such a fast pace, they still need help knowing how digital fits within their strategy. One way is to find useful insights from the digital touch points in the day-to-day interactions with patients. Digital health vendors who help providers string together the right data can forge partnerships of greater lifetime value and position themselves with immense value to their customers. Full show notes at

Pediatric resident and doctor blogger Dr. Sarah Bernstein shares a young clinician's view of digital health. Full show notes at

We as marketers tend to want to blast forward at light speed, so it’s important to balance our digital strategies with an awareness of the risks involved. HIMSS social media ambassador and health care attorney Matt Fisher sheds light on ways to advance health care innovation while mitigating HIPAA concerns, how health IT can improve the patient experience, early adopter advantages, and his favorite tools to keep his finger on the pulse of the industry. Full show notes at

Chris Boyer, Senior VP of Digital and Creative, Revive Health, outlines the need to create a personalized experience for every health seeker and the tools needed to build an effective strategy around it. Learn the most common areas where hospitals are struggling with CRM and digital strategy, how EMR plays a role in marketing—not just clinical care, the challenge of breadth vs. depth in expertise, how to connect multiple platforms to create a truly customized digital patient experience, and where health IT companies fit in. Full show notes at

June 24, 2016

2016 Mid-Year Review

Jared reveals the top 5 episodes of 2016 so far and highlights excerpts from each one on topics including influencer marketing, CRM, patient engagement and SEO. Whether or not you have heard every episode during the first half of the year, Jared's Mid-Year Review is like a greatest-hits collection from the guests who have made the greatest impact on listeners.

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